Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bosch redefines interactive solutions for home and business

Latest German audio and conferencing technologies arrive on Philippine shores 

Leading communications and sound solutions provider Bosch Security Systems recently unveiled the PLENA matrix Digital Sound System and DCN multimedia Conference System. Bosch’s latest innovations in audio technology and conferencing systems are aimed at extending precision and reliability to sound systems for commercial and residential settings in the Philippines at cost-effective price points.

Intelligent conferencing applications to impress and inspire
Bosch is first to introduce fully digital conference systems to the market, having enabled connectivity and enriched collaboration in corporate environments for over 20 years.

“Our newest conferencing system is an open platform developed to adapt to the growing demands of conference and meeting facilities,” said Matthias Boehm, Country Manager of the Security Systems division of Bosch Philippines. “This enables organizations to add more value to the overall function of their conference equipment.”

The Bosch DCN multimedia conference system is a fully scalable architecture that can work with compatible professional audio and multimedia equipment to enable a more meaningful conference or meeting experience. Bosch DCN can create an inclusive environment, enabling conference participants to become more engaged.

Apart from its unique design, the Bosch DCN multimedia Conference System includes a touch-enabled interactive device that runs on Android mobile operating system and makes sharing of information, multimedia presentation, and Internet browsing more effective and convenient. Each device also showcases Bosch’s excellence in audio technology with a pluggable microphone and a two-way loudspeaker system that produces ultra-clear speech for optimized communication throughout the meeting or conference.

To assure assembly organizers that every shared electronic document also remains protected, the DCN multimedia Conference System efficiently provides increased security for data against loss, tampering, and unauthorized access. The highly encrypted system is designed to give users the peace of mind during sensitive meetings.

Premium audio performance at your fingertips
Designed to reflect Bosch’s unwavering commitment to product quality and reliability, the PLENA matrix Digital Sound System is engineered to maximize premium audio quality in business, education, recreational, and residential facilities. The PLENA matrix system allows wireless access and control over multiple zones with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Windows or the proprietary iOS application. The product’s advanced capabilities enable end users to fully control a host of features including music source selection, password protection, and audio input and output levels.

PLENA matrix also combines top-level performance with cost saving advantages such as Auto-Standby feature of Power Amplifiers, which significantly reduces power consumption and minimize environmental impact in every venue. The unique feature helps private and public enterprises and even homeowners to save up to 80 percent in operational cost.

To ensure ease of use, the PLENA matrix system employs simple and quick installation and configuration features. Whether the need is to support a live performance in a bar, play background music in a home, or mount a paging application in an office building, users are provided with basic controls such as audio volume adjustment through a wall-mounted controller.

Through its trusted network of local distributors all over the country, Filipino consumers can now integrate the best-performing capabilities of the PLENA matrix system in various environments. 

Bosch Security Systems bears a high-quality portfolio made with the highest global standards, depended upon in various infrastructures including major airports around the world. In the Philippines, Bosch’s digital conference and digital sound systems are used in the Senate of the Philippines and the House of Representatives.

For more information, log on to www.bosch.com.ph and follow Bosch Philippines on Twitter (@BoschPH).

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