Friday, August 16, 2013

Bonding moments made sweeter with Nestea RTD

Whether at home or on the go, 
Nestea RTD is the perfect companion
Grab and Go with Nestea RTD!  With our busy lifestyles it is without a doubt, that life has become more fast-paced in the last decade.  We zoom through our days from the moment our alarm clock buzzes and we find ourselves in the middle of days filled with meetings and deadlines.
Our busy days, however, shouldn’t stop us from enjoying life’s little moments with our loved ones. In fact, our days away from the office should be reserved for catching up with those closest to us and engaging in activities we don’t have time for during the week.
Bonding moments don’t have to be extravagant, in fact the simpler they are, the more meaningful they become. Weekends may be short but a busy person can still fully maximize it by doing the right things with family and friends.
Time with family can include risky adventures like participating in a new sport, learning how to ride a bike, or even trying a new workout together. Time together can also be made intimate by spending time indoors simply catching up or watching movies together. Most Filipinos would also agree that the best way to bond is by trying new food adventures together. Some would prefer to stay at home and cook their own unique recipes while others dare to try new restaurants all over the metro.

Whatever bonding moment you may choose, whether staying at home or taking risks outdoors, make it sweeter with Nestea Ready to Drink (RTD).  An old time favorite from the 90s, Nestea RTD has been a staple bonding favorite. Its convenient easy-to-bring bottle makes it the perfect companion for any occasion. Its three exciting flavors Apple, Lemon Ice, and Classic Lemon ensure that there’s definitely one for everyone to enjoy.
So what else are you waiting for? Take time out from your hectic schedule, and take the plunge anywhere to make moments that definitely make life sweeter.
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