Monday, November 26, 2012

City Delivery and Cyma - partners for great food and service

Wrapped up and delivered via City Delivery

I had just finished a hard week at the office, and seriously I'm tired of going out just to have some dinner, and it was just perfect timing that my ref was empty, ahh you just can't the best of luck these days.  But hey, I just remembered, I can get great tasting, hot food delivered right here at my home!

Time to call City Delivery 87878...

I was craving for some classic Mediterranean food so I called up 87878 City Delivery, the CSR recommended to me Cyma.  She was really very accommodating, as I had so many choices to choose from, she explained and expounded on every detail that I had in mind.  And after she advised me that my order would take around an hour and a half to be delivered, so I say perfect timing, I'll be done doing my house chores then.

Then, truly after an hour and a half, my City Delivery order came.  My rider Benjie, don in that familiar green and orange jacket, was greeting me with a smile, friendly and courteous, he brought my order and gave me the bill, as soon as we checked my order if it was complete, I thank him for his services and told him, good thing you guys are around to deliver food to us.

And my order is complete!  All neatly packaged, without any mess, placed in sealed containers, what's great about is that, they are all still warm and mmmm I can smell them already.

Baby Clams Angel Hair Pasta - to share - 
one of my favorites and an original recipe from Cyma

Garides Saganaki - Greek Gambas, fresh prawns in tomatoes, feta cheese and garlic butter.

Cyma Baby Back Ribs with roasted Greek Potatoes

Oh yes, I'm full.  Thank you City Delivery 87878 for making life easier for us.  And by the way, do check out their online promos or ask for them when you reach for 87878 City Delivery.  Who knows you might be getting freebies or even discounts.  With over 200 restaurants to choose from, the possibilities are endless.  Enjoy great tasting meals at the comfort of your home.  They also accept major credit cards.

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