Friday, September 3, 2010

Enjoy a day of pampering by Earthlingorgeous

Ever felt you were so burnt out from work, too much stress and too much pressure??  Well, our lovely Earth has cooked up a contest for you to have a day of wellness, a day of rejuvenation, a day of pampering.

How to join?
  1. Answer this question:  Why do you think you deserve a day of pampering at the Makati Wellness Studio?
  2. Write your answer on the comment section of the post HERE.
  3. Like Makati Wellness Studio on Facebook
  4. Like Earthlingorgeous on Facebook or subscribe to Earth's feed (use IE or Firefox) or follow Earth on Networked Blogs.
  5. Create a status message on your Facebook and tag Makati Wellness Studio and about this contest and your desire to have day of pampering or re-tweet this post (click that re-tweet button on top to do so).
What to do again?  Just answer, write, like (follow or subscribe), create or re-tweet.
Contest begins today September 4, 2010 my 1st giveaway for the 100 days ’till Christmas countdown and ends on October 10, 2010 where another contest will begin!
Contest is open to those who can claim their prize and use it within the year.  The best answer wins!

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