Sunday, June 6, 2010

Oh so yummy desserts from Figaro Coffee Company

I, and a couple of blogger friends were invited over to sample their new deserts already available for all to have a bite at.  I was looking at them with gusto and if my eyes could melt things, well they all would have melted away.

But what would be better is to have them melted in your mouth, YUMMY!

Mocha Espresso Praline - P120.00
A combination of coffee flavored icing with soft foam cake inside topped with chocolate chips
Mediterranean Strawberry Cheesecake - P125.00
Yummy cheesecake, crispy crust, luscious strawberries on top and very flavorful, will definitely 
make it to your heart's favorite desserts, guaranteed
and here comes My Little Oscar - P109.00
Nothing little about this I can assure you.  Figaro's version of the classic sansrival.
Big on taste, full of nuts and a load of crispy wafers inside... my favorite
another new in the lineup - chocolate chip cookie, big in size, taste and flavor, definitely a winner!!

Head over to Figaro Coffee Company and get some sugar rush after your meal or you can choose to have a taste of their ALL-DAY BREAKFAST meals as well. And to finish all these with a bang don't forget to take a sip of their famous brewed coffee.
Please do come and visit Figaro Coffee Company all over the metro, just in case you're in Ortigas here's one just around the neighborhood.

Figaro Emerald
G/F Hanston Building
F. Ortigas, Pasig City (formerly Emerald Ave.)




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