Friday, April 27, 2012

The new Grilled Fish Barbecue - from Reyes Barbecue

Grilled Fish Barbecue - the healthy barbecue

Craving for a new barbecue experience? There’s a new, delicious, and perfectly sulit meal for you! Reyes Barbecue continues its roll-out of barbecue meals for you to share--- the GRILLED FISH BARBECUE.

After the successful launch of its Barbecue Spareribs Meal for Two, here comes the latest meal that can be eaten anytime of the day!  Made from tender and juicy dory fish smothered with a secret marinade blend, grilled to perfection and served with the classic side accompaniments of Reyes Barbecue’s grilled seafood meals – Java Rice, Ensaladang Talong and Pica-Pica Sauce---the new GRILLED FISH BARBECUE is a delicious, filling and definitely healthy barbecue meal.

At an affordable price of 110php, you can already enjoy a filling but hearty seafood meal. And by adding 20php, you’ll be able to enjoy a refreshing glass of Iced Tea with your meal. It’s the perfect option for those who wants the best value for their money.

Reyes Barbecue Founder, Frank Reyes said, “Grilled seafood is something that everyone must eat as part of a balanced diet to promote over-all health.” Reyes Barbecue continues to aim providing a variety of delicious seafood meals served with its classic Reyes Barbecue style.

The new and improved GRILLED FISH BARBECUE joins the Reyes Barbecue’s ranks of popular seafood barbecue meals, led by the all-time favourite Grilled Bangus Belly, Grilled Pusit meal, Grilled Tuna Meal, and Grilled Salmon Belly meal.

The new GRILLED FISH BARBECUE meal can also be enjoyed with Reyes Barbecue’s popular side dishes like Sotanghon Soup and Molo Soup, and a tasty Banana Caramel ala Mode for dessert!

Check out Reyes Barbecue stores in its numerous locations. Contact them at 399-4909 or 09228764119. You can also visit their website at, or you can visit their Facebook page for more info.  Barbecue. Peanut Sauce. Java Rice. Best way to go!

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