Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Make your vote count with 7-Election Campaign

  Make your vote count!  Join the 7-Eleven
 7-Election Campaign and let your choices be heard!

It's just a few more days before our Senatorial elections this May 13, and what a sight it would indeed be.  But with all those many candidates running for government positions, you would wonder who are really who they are, a real person, an honest candidate and a servant of the country.

And 7-Eleven has made this fun for us, while enjoying our favorite GULP drink, get to cast your votes as to who do you want to put into the government seat, hoping somehow they don't mess it up.

Get to choose from 3 cups:
  • Team Pnoy
  • Team UNA
  • Team Independent
Upon paying for your GULP, the cashier registers your choice, and there you have casted your vote.

 Of course this is just a campaign and nothing is official, but you can view the result online as well as at the store itself.


Cast your votes now at
To vote on the website for you 12 candidates, visit
Feel and experience voting with 7-Election Campaign.

You have until May 6 to cast in your votes!  May the beat party and candidate win! 

Manila Life does not endorse any political party nor any candidate for that matter, we support clean and honest elections based on candidate's credentials and performance.

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