Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Win an Inboosta Travel Booster!

Win a Inboosta Travel Booster!

Got juice?  I believe most of us has had this experience, "Oh no, my phone died on me and I have to make a very important call" or you're in the middle of fighting the big boss in your favorite game on your mobile, then your phone shuts down, what a downer indeed. 

But as much as we want our smartphones to last the whole day, they just can't so we need power banks, and here we have Inboosta Travel Booster, the most versatile, handy and affordable power bank source there is.  So want to win one?

Join up with our Food blog "The Food Alphabet's Inboosta Giveaway!" and get the chance to win one!  Available in different colors and capacities to match your needs.  Need one now?  Head over to Beyond the Box, Digital Hub and Digital Walker stores with prices starting at P1990 for 4400mAH model, is definitely a must buy!

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