Thursday, June 7, 2012

See the world for Free

Choose your dream destination

What's your dream destination,  Paris? Las Vegas or Rome.  Wherever it may be you can stop dreaming and join “Choose Your City” campaign, you can have a chance to win a free trip to your choice destination!

My dream destination, Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps.  I have dreamed of being there my whole life, watching movies, imagining myself and pushing my luck with slots.  Maybe a couple of bets on the table and who know I might strike rich somehow.  Lucky for U.S. residents, they are but just a few hours away from reaching paradise on Earth.  While me, from an Asian perspective would need a least 2 days before I get there.  And of course a visa entry which I don't have.

Well, Las Vegas is not included in the promo run, but we can at least get to New York, and Las Vegas is but just a few hours away.  Oh how I wish that dreams do come true!  And soon I would be waking up to a bed of riches at Las Vegas.

Open up a Citi savings account, and start saving.  Who knows you might just be packing your bags tonight for that dream destination tomorrow.   See you,  I'm packing!

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