Sunday, February 26, 2012

Boostcase - a must have for your Iphone 4 / 4S

Do you own an Iphone 4 or 4S?  Then you are one of the millions suffering from the most common problem Iphone 4S is known for, "crappy battery life".  And even though the world is complaining, is that stopping all of us from getting our hands on the most amazing Iphone? No. 

I guess we really have to live with it.  But the people from Beyond the Box says a big "NO".  Can you just imagine you are at the top of your game, reaching millions with Temple Run, soaring high on your Tiny Tower, then your battery goes dead?  Go check your Iphone 4/4S now, I would think you must be charging your phone now, or at least needing to charge in a few minutes.  

Sad to say with so many things to do with our Iphone 4/4S, especially in the case of the 4S with a dual-core A5 chip and Siri, that you would want to be online all the time, that when the time has finally come for you to place an important call with your Iphone 4/4S, and then your battery is failing on you.

Beyond the Box brings to us the ultimate solution to your Iphone 4S battery woes.  Presenting Boostcase, doubles the battery life of your Iphone 4S without the fuss.  This great package is made up of a snap-on case which you attach at the back of your phone, and attach it with your dock.  Instantly charging up your phone, pronto!

Your Boostcase comes equipped with a battery checker which lights up showing how much battery charge you have with your dock, another feature you are going to love is the USB charge slot, thus you don't have to bring your charger everywhere you go, just a USB cable would do.  Perfect right?

Worried about the speakers?  Well the Boostcase is designed to your every need and has 2 holes on your dock to let the audio of your phone out.

Now, it may carry an additional weight and extra dimensions on your Iphone 4S, but all of it is worth it, once you realize that Boostcase is indeed a lifesaver.  This some kind of wonder Boostcase is available at Beyond the Box and Digital Hub at a very practical price of P3,550.  The dock is available in 2 colors, Black and White, and is compatible for both Iphone 4 and 4S.

But the trendy and chic in us, needs to be fashionable, thus you can purchase the interchangeable snap on case with the color of your liking.  Also the dock and the case can be purchased separately.

So get your stuff going and get yourself that much needed sigh of relief, that indeed with your Boostcase, your Iphone is saved.

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  1. thanks for sharing this..but i don't have neither iPhone 4 nor 4S.. ;) 

  2. I don't have an i-Phone yet but I could buy this one. Do you think it'll fit the i-Phone 5 too?

  3. good information for iPhone owners... I don't have one and I don't think I'll get one... it's just not practical, unless of course, your making thousands everyday then go for it...

    will it fit a fake iPhone 4... chinese imitations?

  4. wow I want one right now, mejo may kamahalan ha, well sabi ng ang saleslady marami reklamo ng reklamo sa mga accesories ng iPhone everyweek naman bili ng bili

  5. That's a really nice case! The colors are awesome too. Unfortunately though, I don't own an iPhone.. >.< Btw sir, it was really nice meeting you last Thursday! :)



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