Sunday, September 18, 2011

Recycle! Be Earth Friendly!


From Sept. 21-30, Il Terrazzo will be stationing E-RECYCLE BINS at the Ground Level for proper disposal of your e-wastes. Drop in your old electronic equipment, mobiles phones, chargers, computers and the like and take part in working towards a greener environment.

Do your part in saving the world for future generations to come.

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  1. Great job here. I really enjoyed that which you had to say. Carry on since you definitely bring a new voice to this subject.

  2. I believe in recling expecialy of hard ore metals. my church outreach has iron,lead and rodironaluminum alloy scrap metal to donate;but wants a guarantee it will be remelted and molded into fiberboard stapled ;ackages containg sears-roebuck bargain basement craftsman 9/16 usa chev subcompact unused carryon maintenance toolboxes to hand out to the homeless at camps in logan heights and saint vinees to make classic five passenger inner city home use living room and garage for food only contaner fruit and vegetable farming. Can you folks at Earth Freindly Recyling on the corner of market street and U.S.A. Treasury Mint in front of Saferways grocery store ther in SF City... God Bless

    Good news about finised toolbox production and work search neccessary toolbox equipment donations shipping and receiving info samll car! can be relayed to breezy angels@Goldengatebridge4949



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